About Artistic Anushree

Hi !

I am Anushree. Artistic Anushree is my creative venture. Innovation through craft and art and that too creating something unique and different from whatever resource I had, used to be my favourite hobby. Inspiration from my mother and aunts and some random summer break classes here and there added to the knowledge and ideas. That is when the craft interest was born. I have been writing poems from an even younger age.

I am a mechanical engineer, with a Masters Degree in project management. This got me a corporate job too. After my daughter's birth my job interest changed. Now, work and play grew hand in hand. It started with decorating my own house, to making something for my daughter. Slowly it started picking pace and grew popular amongst my friend and family. Finally, it took a professional shape in 2013 and quiet dramatically Artistic Anushree was born. Poetry writing kept going on all along this way but never ever gave it enough importance to publish it, until now, here.

I believe, "Education is barely a tool to comprehend whatever you know till your age you are right now". So, my technical degree, management experience and household responsibilities add to the wisdom and does not shackle my hands in any single direction. Hence, I explore in which ever direction I can.

My writing was once awarded by Scholastic when I was in school and now it blends with my crafty project to add dimension to my work. In terms of art too, there are multiple facets to it. A home with people of artistic interest can be pleasantly decorated with my creations. To start with, it's a 'Nameboard' that welcomes you at the door to a fusion painting frame on your living room wall. A figurine of a European Art, known as Powertex that adorns a shelf on your tv unit and a well set dinner table that is decked up with artistically made Table mats, coasters, glasses & mugs. My handmade paper art creates beautiful lampshades and envelopes.

I work with multiple material, mainly it is a home cooked dough, which is called 'lamasa'. It is a chapati dough like thing which is initially white and then can be coloured and shaped in the desired colour and style. I also create art out of old fabric, known as Powertex. I like blending different techniques into one creation, so that is how I come up with my fusion art.

I create very special customised products here. I tend to give importance to the details and liking of the customer and in return create an absolute unique product. That is why I proudly claim, that the art what I create is not common, rather it is a marvel nowhere to be found. In my several years of working, I have not repeated a single piece of Art myself. Even by me again, the creation remains completely unique.

So, that is my intention and my motto.