We all live in and around family. Each one of us have different feelings, different thought process, as well as different perspective towards life. But, when we live together, we tend to behave differently. Our minds are so tuned to the societal norms, of elder-younger, relationship between us, that we forget the basic human need to be heard and understood with compassion and empathy. Instead we get upset or hold something back within our hearts

This Poem here, simply indicates the power of ‘Communication’. Instead of holding back, if the same can be resolved by talking to each other, imagine, how smooth life would be! Everyone deserves a second chance, in any situation. Hearing someone out is an opportunity, which gives that second chance. Communication here is compared to salt in food. We don’t notice salt in food unless it is missing or in a bad proportion. Same ways, amongst family members or rather anywhere; communication can be the strength of/in any relationship.