This category has a variety of products and can have even more as per your need and wish. As they say; ‘necessity is the mother of all inventions’, so is the case here. Depending on people’s requirements and wishes these products were created.

Fish Glasses

A sweet fish design on normal borosil glasses.

Paper weights/ showpiece

This is a normal white stone which has been first painted and then a relevant creation of clay (lamasa) has been added on the top. If you observe carefully, these are miniature creations. A replica of someone’s motorbike (it is 3cm long and 2cm high), a doctor’s stethoscope and her name on it (the entire stone is just 3inches in length), an evening scene. Anything you imagine is possible.

Name Board

Observe the kid’s name (Leora) hanging from the flying aeroplane and her parent’s name come in the middle, amidst a pink sky, a candy house, flowers, butterfly and some flying balloons. Another one read a girl’s name on a soccer jersey. And a football field around it. Sky is the limit. You tell me I design and create.

Pencil/pen Tops

A very cute and fancy return gift for children. These are lamasa creations and so can be created in various shape and design.

Hairbands/tic-tac clips

We love to dress-up our girls and what’s better than a matching hairband and fancy clips.