These unique lampshades are made up of handmade paper of your choice on the outside and intricate cut work design on the inside. The magic of these lampshades is the different look in the day and night. In the day time they look simple like the handmade paper it is made up of, but in the night when you turn the lamp on, it reflects the inner paper cut work design.

These papers are mounted on strong metal frame and a bulb holder making it easy to use. Observe, that in ‘Butterfly design’, the light comes through the cut work, whereas in the ‘Deer design’ the light come from the area other than the cutwork design.

Deer Design

Size: 12 x 12x 12 inches

Style: Ceiling hang style

Butterfly design

Size: 30 x 5 x 5 inches

Style: floor lamp; set of 2